Case Study: South Of The Wall. 

Tone of voice, strategy direction & social media management.

About South Of The Wall.

Founded by Andrew Nisbet, Shift Perspectives is a sales consultancy that drives forward the ethos of putting the customer first, and truly understanding the people we serve. Andrew’s knowledge stems from over forty years in the trade-retail space, where he held a variety of high-profile positions. 

Project Summary.

Saturdays: Get up > exercise > enjoy a healthy lunch > sip on a cheeky cocktail or two in the arvo. 

Life's all about balance...

Post Caption.

Owners Nathan Box and Aaron Whyte approached me looking to further capitalise on their growing social media channels. The aim of getting me on board was to set the business apart in a competitive local market, and define a unique online persona for SOTW. 

What we did.

After breaking down SOTW’s brand and what we understood about their customer, we found that their general demographic was people aged between 24 - 35 and predominantly female. 


From here, I went even further and carefully considered what SOTWs audience believed and why they came into the venue. After drilling down deeper, we decided to play on SOTW’s tongue-in-cheek nature, and build a direct, yet humorous tone of voice into their socials and  overall communications. 


Along the way, we collaborated with some awesome artists to further define the brand. Photographer Michael Woods gave us a library of thumb-stopping images, and Jake Ross - a long time mate of Nathan’s - supplied us with some seriously cool artwork that became a pillar of the SOTW brand. 


After working together since August 2018, we have reached over 1.2 million people organically on Facebook alone, had over 7,600 clicks through to their website, and built a unique brand.


Numbers like this come when a carefully considered brand matches an exceptional service. 


At the time of writing this, the coronavirus has temporarily shut them down - hopefully we see them back in action soon, better than ever! 


I’d do anything for one of their god-damn tacos right now.

Jake Ross Art

Artwork by Jake Ross

South Of The Wall

Photography by Michael Woods

What we learnt.

This project showed me that organic social media still works when you dare to be different, and have the patience to create posts that people actually want to see.


I also learnt that while my words here have been influential in the numbers I shared before, the service and the people on the frontline are the real MVPs. It’s just my job to keep them moving!

We talk a big game with SOTW and we’re not shy to be bold. This can only happen because we know their staff will over-deliver on the day.

What Nathan had to say.

‘Dan has changed the voice of our venue to something we had been striving to achieve and has been a breeze to work with’.

See the work in the wild.

Head on over to SOTW’s Facebook page here, or see their Instagram page here

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