Case Study: Shift Perspectives

Website structure, tone of voice, content editing & marketing strategy. 

About Shift Perspectives.

Founded by Andrew Nisbet, Shift Perspectives is a sales consultancy that drives forward the ethos of putting the customer first, and truly understanding the people we serve. Andrew’s knowledge stems from over forty years in the trade-retail space, where he held a variety of high-profile positions. 

Summary of the project.

After deciding the time was right to go out on his own, Andrew approached me to help him form the wording for his website and edit his regular blog entries. We also teamed up with Four Pi App & Web Development who incorporated our carefully chosen words into a sleek website design. 


Andrew is also my partners step-dad, so it was important that I didn’t balls this one up… 

Opening quote for the website 

What we did.

Working with Andrew on this project was a great experience. Andrew's objective was to clearly articulate his ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’. This structure of why, how and what went on to be the overall foundation of the website’s layout. 


Boiling down Andrew's knowledge, skills and experience was a long process. We spoke regularly about what we wanted to say on his website, and we scrutinized every word. 


We both also understood the importance of simplicity. Our aim was to get each website visitor to work their way down the website - this wouldn’t happen if we spoke in jargon, buzzwords or over-complicated theories. 


The same approach is applied to his blogs. We’re always looking to simplify the message to make it easily digestible.


Our aim wasn’t to reach thousands of people (initially). Instead, our aim was to be perfect for his ideal client. 

A snippet of Andrew's 'why'.

What we learnt.

We both learnt that taking the time to get a website’s wording right pays. Your customers’ ability to quickly understand your business, and how you can help them specifically is a key determinant in the success of any website (and business). 

What Andrew had to say.

“After working for a large part of my life selling someone else’ brand and value propositions, I was confronted with having to first understand what I stood for and how this became the purpose of Shift Perspectives and then having to sell myself. This is where I called on Dan to help me articulate this clearly and simply.


Once we understood this we then had to have a central platform where I could point customers to and enable me to get a consistent, regular and impactful voice out to my customers. The combination of my website, social media and podcasts is giving me the ability to do this and to amplify my voice. Dan is the gatekeeper of this voice to ensure consistency and regularity. This has been a great learning curve for me” 

"This has been a great learning curve for me."

See the work in the wild.

Here’s a link to Andrew’s website, where you can also read his blog. I highly recommend it for anyone in sales or management.

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