My Approach.

How I think and what I do. 

What is marketing? 


It's a tough question. Every day we're bombarded with the latest growth 'hack', SEO trick, and a new way to spam our customers. At the same time, we're being told that marketing is about purpose and our impact on the world. 


However, we all know people hate spam, don't we? No one builds a successful business long-term off the back of black-hat SEO tactics, or five meaningless Instagram posts a day. I also don't believe that people are inspired by companies that push forward grandiose purposes of changing the world while selling cola flavoured sugar water - I'll eat my hat if you do. 


So, here's my answer to what marketing is. 


Marketing is about connecting great products and services with people that need them in a way that's helpful and engaging. 


Great marketing is about applying the fundamentals of that have stood the test of time while using the latest digital tools and delivery channels to connect you with your customer. 


How I help your business


Working with business leaders and marketers, I follow a three-step plan. 


1 - Diagnosis


I diagnose your current marketing efforts, uncovering the good and bad using information from your customers, staff and available data. 


The diagnosis covers two important areas - your brand and your current marketing efforts. Your brand is the sum of every experience your customer has with your business throughout the entire sales cycle. It's about more than the visuals you use, it's about how well a customer understands what you do, how it helps them, and how easy it is to find the relevant information they need to make a buying decision. If your brand isn't right, even the best marketing strategies will fall flat. 


Once we understand your brand, we asses your existing marketing efforts. 


2 - Strategy 


Once we have an in-depth understanding of how to improve your brand and marketing, we create a clear-cut strategy. This strategy won't be based on ideas, assumptions, or even my opinion - it will be based on facts, customer stories and outline the marketing efforts that will grow your business. 


3 - Execution


Once we've properly diagnosed the gaps in your brand and marketing efforts, and created a strategy for growth, we execute the plan, optimising and adjusting as we go - excuse my wanky jargon... 


My involvement in the roll-out of your strategy depends on your internal resources. I can execute the strategy personally, with the aid of my network of local talent, or we can use your own staff if they're capable of nailing this strategy. 


Once we're finished, it's time to rinse and repeat. The growth will continue to compound as we improve and learn more about your customer.


Does this sound like something your business needs?  


I'm happy to speak about your business anytime. Our conversation might lead to a long-term relationship, or I'll simply give you a few pointers or ideas. 


You can contact me below, or feel free to read more about marketing, branding and tools out there on my blog.

Melbourne, Australia


Dan Kovac Marketing 2020