Case Study: Independent Builders Network

Tone of voice, strategy direction & social media management.

About the Independent Builders Network.

The Independent Builders Network (IBN) brings together local builders from all over Australia to pool their knowledge and resources, allowing them to compete with larger volume builders and offer a better service in general. 


The organisation now has over 80 members, who regularly meet for networking and educational events. IBN has become a large family over the last 11 years, and their members continue to grow as they use the resources made available to them.

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Project Summary.

This project was in collaboration with Four Pi Web & App Development who built IBNs website and handle all their graphic design needs. Jason Aiossa from IBN approached us to have their Facebook channel managed, which was quickly becoming a helpful resource for their members and builders in general.

What we did.

After learning more about IBN as a business, their members and existing Facebook content, we determined the importance of creating stories that brought IBNs community together, while educating them on the suite of resources that IBN had available on their website. 


From here we put together a monthly content calendar, which involved a deliberate element of internal involvement from IBN. Doing so allowed us to create personable ‘builder of the month’ stories, informational blog content and importantly a tone of voice that sounded like a builder. 


Speaking like the local cafe wasn’t going to cut through. IBN’s staff would create the content first, then I would simply polish it off with an edit for clarity and grammar if required. IBN is a community for builders, and an authentic voice from people in the industry is paramount. 


I started working with IBN in February 2018, and since then we’ve generated over 1.2m impressions on Facebook, reached 744k people organically (no paid ads) and galvanized their community online. 

Melbourne based marketing consultant

Organic Facebook reach results

What we did.

When it comes to Facebook, going in with the intention to build a community is a great place to start. Using Facebook as a platform to contribute forces you to create stories that the community wants and needs. 


I take the lessons gathered from working with IBN into each new client. Social media is about building a loyal community, not spamming people with ‘free advertising’. 

What Jason had to say.

‘Dan has significantly grown our presence on Facebook, and has been a pleasure to deal with’

See the work in the wild.

Click here to see IBNs Facebook page. 

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